Melissa's Story

Samaritan House aids veteran and her child

Melissa found the help she needed at Samaritan House

Melissa was desperate. She worried that the next time her husband flew into a rage, he might take it out on the couple’s four-year-old son. Eventually, she felt her only option was to take Aidan and get as far away as possible.

Thanks to friends like you, Melissa found help and hope right here.

Nearly 2,000 miles from home, knowing no one and finding housing unaffordable, Melissa learned about Catholic Charities’ Samaritan House in Denver.

“It was not a ‘shelter’ like I was expecting. Everyone there really cared,” said Melissa, a military veteran. “My son has autism, and Samaritan House caseworkers found daycare and the right school for him. They were so kind, helping me get a job and an apartment I could afford,” Melissa says. “Seeing how far we’ve come – I’ll be forever grateful.”