Father Woody's Coats

Sharing the warmth of Christ's love and compassion

Father Woody, Founder of Samaritan House

Like many struggling with homelessness, Father Woody walked around Denver at times without a coat. Benefactors and concerned church-goers gave him new ones. Curiously, the coats disappeared. Father was seen braving blustery winter weather with no more than a shirt on his back. Turns out, Father Woody was taking off his coat and handing it to the person who was shivering on the street. “They needed it more than me,” he would say. Give it a week, people joked, and any coat Father Woody received made its way to someone less fortunate. In honor of Father Woody and his selfless giving to those in need, we invite you to share the warmth of Christ’s love and compassion with those struggling with homelessness.